Music: Two Steps from Hell


If you have not heard of Two Steps from Hell, I can forgive you. But if you have any interest in epic music at all, (or even if you don’t – yet) you should keep reading, and start listening.

Two Steps from Hell, also known as TSFH, is a company, founded by Thomas J. Bergersen and Nick Phoenix that writes soundtrack and trailer music. That description does not do it justice, though. Think of it as epic orchestral music that I consider comparable to music by John Williams (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones) and Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean). If you have heard the battle scene music from Narnia, that is how high my standards for ‘epic music’ is.

TSFH music includes orchestral components like strings, brass and woodwinds, sometimes with amazing vocals and often with electronic sound components. The nature of soundtrack music means that it’s fairly short, two-to-five minute tracks.

The most appealing part of TSFH music is that every track is different and produces a unique feeling in whoever listens to it. For me, it’s a refreshing break from the super-annoying lyrics of catchy pop songs. And for my family, it’s really good orchestral music that could serve as a soundtrack for any number of great movies.

As proof of the awesomeness levels here, I present these facts: Two Steps from Hell music has been used for trailers for three Harry Potter movies, two Star Trek movies, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Chronicles of Narnia. That… justifies my earlier comparisons.

Some of my Two Steps from Hell favorites are:

Victory,  Sky Titans,  Freedom Fighters,  For the Win,  To Glory,  Star Sky,  El Dorado,    Heart of Courage,  Dragon Rider,  Strength of a Thousand Men, and  Blackheart.

There are around a thousand tracks that have been produced by TSFH, so you won’t run out of songs any time soon. (Even the titles are epic!)

If you want a different kind of music than you can hear on the radio…  these are the songs you’ve been looking for.



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