Battlefield Franchise


The Battlefield series is by far one of the most popular large scale FPS’s (First Person Shooter) to date and it’s easy enough to say this franchise rivals the Call of Duty series. My own opinion on the two would be if you want a interesting single player play Call of Duty. If you want ground breaking graphics along with a realistic destruction feature to do damage to buildings and a large array of stuff Michel Bay would put in his movies in a game then Battlefield is for you.

History-Now to the details of the game. Battlefield’s game series started in 2002 and its first game was Battlefield: 1942 a World War II shooter (a lot of games that were released were in the WWII setting back in the 2000’s). After about a year and when all the popularity hit they released another game Battlefield: Vietnam. After that they created games every year until Battlefield: 2 then they released one every two years unlike its rival that releases another every year.

Gameplay-The Battlefield series always delivers with a fantastic multiplayer experience that would make you want to come back for more. The amazing vehicles, weapons that are easy to obtain, the large scale maps that span about 2000+ meters from one side to another, realistic suppression system and bullet drop on sniper rifles are all outstanding. Each class helps each other out in some way such as recon makes a spawn beacon so people may spawn closer to the objective and also spot enemies that are near by, support has a LMG that is great for suppression and an ammo bag to resupply his/her teammates that are near them. Some other great elements of the game are the assault that has a assault rifle that is versatile and a medical bag that heals nearby teammates and then they get a de-fib to revive their teammates, and finally the engineer that is equipped with mines, a rocket launcher, PDW/SMG and can repair vehicles with a blow torch so they all help each other out in some way. Now I’ll state it again Battlefield has one of the best multiplayer experiences that no other game could match up to besides it’s rival Call of Duty but in my opinion Battlefield has a better multiplayer by far. I’d rate this game 7/10 for single player and 9.6/10 for it’s multiplayer due to its creativity and it’s fantastic maps that make me excited to play on them.


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