The Crucible


This will probably be my one and only book review due to my lack of desire to read books, well books that are not on interest to me. The Crucible is a play that was created by Arthur Miller in 1953 and is set in 1692 the years of the Salem witch trials (such a horrible time if you didn’t know about it). It is a play filled to the brim with drama, suspense and moments when you say “Oh now she didn’t” or “Don’t do that!” and the most common “Ah, you done it now!”. It contains so much irony and deception that you would think it was created by a master thief or a politician (see what I did there). It’s probably one of the most interesting plays I’ve read in a very long time. After the first two pages I was hooked into the story, well maybe it’s because I love history and plays but still. The play opens up with Parris (the most evil person that you just hate for living) and Abigail Williams (probably most historic character that actually did all the things that is currently in the play well most, insane loony that is explained in one word… Evil) talking about what happened to his child and what were they doing in the forest. In a puritan society back in the 1600’s the word witch was the worst word you could ever say or even think of, since you would be hanged or killed in many other ways if you were prosecuted as a witch. So delve into this play that is set in the Salem witch trials of 1692. Read for yourself  the horrors that happened then and see from the perspective and the creativity of the author how events transpired within the play.


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