The Division

maxresdefaultAlright I managed to get my hands on this game really early and have played it for maybe 30+ hours. The Division is set in New York after a terrorist group decided to lace the small pox virus on money to infect the populous and guess what they couldn’t of picked a better day, Black Friday. Yep, Black Friday that day when a lot of cloths, toys, electronics are on sale and basically their prices are cut in half . Now imagine the amount of money circulated throughout that day and think what would happen if the money was laced with a very harmful toxin, that is the setting of The Division. Now lets move on to what you play as and what you are. You are a Division agent and they are supposed to be the final resort, an elite group of individuals that are meant to restore order and government in areas of the United States that have gone to Anarchy or are in chaos. When you are called upon you must immediately drop whatever your doing and meet at a location with other agents, proceed to analyze the threat and end it and bring order to the area. The Gameplay: It’s a third-person shooter that has a fantastic cover system, along with a Diablo style loot system where it will always be different loot drops.  Another piece, there are 3 NPC factions that you have to fight, the Rakers: a group of individuals who want to take advantage of the outbreak to steal, murder, and cause all sorts of mayhem for their enjoyment; Cleaners: a group of fanatics that want to burn anything or anyone who has the slight suspicion of being infected; N/A: a group that has military training and has no ideal origin and are suspected to be the ones who started the outbreak. This game so far has been fantastic to play and very addictive. Also the community is great too, they all help each other. Unless you’re in the Dark Zone: The Dark Zone is where the infection hit the hardest and where the best loot is. Here’s the catch players may kill you and proceed to take the loot but you will get marked Rouge when that happens they will be marked by all other players in the area to be able to kill and get rewarded for it so be careful. Rating I’d rate this game a 9.2/10 due to it’s interesting and great replay ability and the great game mechanics. It’s worth the $60 price tag in my opinion.


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