Review of Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn

I Hunt

Recently, I had the chance to read a casual sci-fi novel called Icarus Hunt. It was actually pretty well written, suprisingly. It might not be an epic or particularly deep sci-fi novel, but Icarus Hunt makes decent light reading. It opens with Jordan McKell, a pilot and smuggler, taking on a new job. From none other than a man in the pub, of course. Except this man in the pub is an eccentric billionaire with an amateur interest in archeology. He’s commissioning him to fly a very strangely oriented ship that a lot of people seem to want. Before even making his first refueling stop, one of the crew is found dead. Another turns out to have a debilitating disease that is only treatable with illegal drugs. Someone on the crew is out to get the mechanic… and the mystery only deepens as the Patth, a race with near-monopolistic control of interstellar trade, start pressuring major governments to hand over their ship. Icarus Hunt is an interesting novel, but not the greatest I’ve read- 3-3.5/5 stars. It makes fine reading for casual little bites but isn’t really something with much depth. In conclusion, if you like lighter science fiction and adventure you might appreciate it, but if you’re a hardcore science fiction fan it isn’t the greatest ever.


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