The Kite Runner


Written by Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner is a novel that was later turned in to a movie. It is about a boy’s life and the experience of migrating from the Middle East to America. I love, love, loved this book. If you want your eyes opened to the world, please read The Kite Runner. Hosseini’s plot fluctuates between flashbacks and present time to show the full length of the main character’s life. Also, this allows for a full chronological look at the forces that are causing violence in the Middle East, whether it be the Soviets or the Taliban. As the early childhood scenes are set in Asia, you are immersed in the culture of countries like Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. The book described some events I would never have believed occurred in “the modern age” which is supposed to be humane. For example the main character and his father are forced to flee the Middle East, and one way they go the distance is by being in the oil tanker container of a tractor trailer -that’s right, I said actually IN the oil container. Read it. Watch it. Really.

Rory 11th Grade


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