A World Without Heroes by: Brandon Mull


Jason is a normal boy who enjoys baseball and volunteers at the zoo. That is until he is sucked into a fantasy world known as Lyrian. He soon finds out that this world is under the control of Malador, who is a most cunning and evil wizard. Jason then finds his way to the book of Salzared, where he learns of the magic word that has the power to destroy Malador. However, in order to learn this word, he must collect a syllable of the word from each of the six guardians who are all over the continent. He therefore goes on a quest to find the word with Rachel, another person who has come to Lyrian for Earth, and various other allies. In order to find this word, they will have to brave swamps filled with many poisonous snakes, outmaneuver giant (and I do mean giant) crabs, and much more! Will they be able to outwit Malador and his imperial armies so they can find the word (and destroy Malador), or will they be executed? Find out in the exciting book A World Without Heroes by: Brandon Mull!

-Matthew, 7th grade


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