My Life in Pink and Green

pink and green

My Life in Pink and Green by Lisa Greenwald is about twelve-year-old Lucy Desberg and her role in her family’s drugstore.  Lucy, who has worked with makeup her whole life, gives a makeover to a homecoming queen,  and then suddenly gets into the business of makeovers.  When the drugstore is at risk of being shut down, will anyone let Lucy help save it?

I enjoyed this book because for once the adult finally listened to the kid.  Lucy really did have a way to save the business but no one really would listen to her.  One of the other things I liked was how twelve-year-old Lucy seemed to know more about makeup than some of the seventeen year olds who needed her help. This book had detailed descriptions and a good plot line.  I also enjoyed her relationship with her best friend because of how genuine it felt.  They went through their ups and downs, but did stay friends. The only thing I didn’t like was that it had a “happily ever after” ending that seemed like it was something that wouldn’t happen in real life.  Over all I feel like this was a great light read and something that will most  likely make you smile.

Sara C. – 7th grade


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