Have you ever called Verizon and gotten served by somebody with a foreign accent? You can thank outsourcing. With technology jobs can be exported overseas to cheaper labor sources; many large transnational companies have begun the process of outsourcing. A more specific form of outsourcing is offshoring, where the labor is moved to a different nation or continent. Outsourcing can be used for customer service and all down the job scale to even production or manufacturing. Recent legislation takes a neutral stance on outsourcing, for it can be both bad and good. In Pearlstein’s piece on outsourcing he describes both Obama’s and Romney’s point of views. The pros to outsourcing include lower prices and new labor in foreign countries, while the cons include less economic stimulation for the home country. Pearlstein poses the question: is it the US government’s job to regulate if corporations outsource, considering it has economic damage? Outsourcing quickly becomes an issue that has obvious partisan perspectives. The second two articles, “Small Business, Joining a Parade of Outsourcing” and “Outsource Your Way to Success”, focus more on the business model that includes outsourcing. Rampell’s article uses the analogy of a couple hiring maids and a personal chef to stress how time is precious. Certain transnational businesses use outsourcing to get work done at night depending on their location on the globe. Companies have really acted on Rampell’s concept—“time is precious”. “Small Business, Joining a Parade of Outsourcing” offers a unique viewpoint, because many do not realize outsourcing can be applied to smaller dealings. Such as a start-up company can outsource a customer service program to help save time and money. The millennium has brought a wave of new capabilities thanks to the great beast, technology; outsourcing is just another “surfer” on the new “wave” that represents advancement.

Globalization can be defined as: a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. From that definition it does not take a brain surgeon to realize outsourcing is a clear example of globalization. The notion of globalization is perfectly embodied in outsourcing. Offshoring an American product’s manufacturing to China would have been impossible a few centuries ago, and so with globalization, outsourcing has blossomed. Referring back to Pearlstein’s article, I believe outsourcing should be allowed for American companies. Without cheap labor, simple product prices would skyrocket. Also, the wealth found in first world countries should be passed along, why is it right for the US to have all the jobs from a transnational corporation? The name transnational itself suggests that multiple nations should be involved, and not just is consuming the products—but making them.

Rory 10th Grade


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