The Clockwork Three (Book Review)


“The clear sound that spilled out of the green violin resonated off the walls… As he fiddled that song on the green violin, he felt a new sensation. He played the music. It came from inside him. But once it left his hands through the violin it was as if it turned around and came back to him as something different from what he sent out. The song acquired the autonomy of a living thing. Giuseppe watched the invisible tune light on each passerby like a cherry blossom carried on a breeze. The tired bodies, stooped and trod upon, rose up. Their eyes, rimmed with dirt and yellow from smoke, filled with tears. The copper and silver coins flashed in Giuseppe’s hat. When he finished, the passerby applauded… Applause because of his new violin. And that was when Giuseppe first started to believe the violin could help him escape, something he had always thought impossible.” – Excerpt from The Clockwork Three

The Clockwork Three is written by Matthew J. Kirby and it centers on three children in the city. Giuseppe is an orphaned street musician who loses hope of escaping until the day he finds a magical green violin. Frederick is an apprentice clockmaker who can’t remember his past and wants to build a magnificent clockwork man. Hannah is a poor maid working in a fancy hotel when she learns of a hidden treasure. Their stories intertwine and they find themselves on a dangerous adventure.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading descriptive language and action-packed adventure. Kirby’s writing style makes the book addicting to read and impossible to put down. There are elements of fantasy, magic, and wonder that bring the story to life. For anyone looking for a compelling book, look no further than The Clockwork Three.




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