Sometimes In April


In my A.P. Human Geography class we watched Sometimes In April. Sometimes In April follows a family through the Rwandan genocide. If you want to realize what is going on in the world around you, please watch this movie. The main character-is a Hutu man who is married to a Tutsi women, and the Tutsis were those being killed. The entire Rwandan situation can be attributed to Belgium colonists who split the African American population into two rival groups with minor physical differences. In fact the two groups looked so similar they had to be differentiated with ID cards. Then the Belgium govern­ment put the Tutsis overthe Hutus. They received an education and were allowed to take ”civilized” jobs. The hutus, on the other hand, were abused and oppressed as agricultural workers. The idea of a genocide began to simmer when the Belgiums withdrew their occupation and handed power to the hutu majority. The Hutus then took out their accumulated frustrations on the Tutsi. Some 200,000 Tutsi people and Hutu moderates were killed within a few months. They were often murdered in terrifying, cruel, and inhumane ways. And the most terrifying fact is how this happened in the 1990s and no UN or American support was given until the violence was over. We were crying about Kurt Cobain’s death, as the entire Tutsi people were crying over losses of the entire family. Please take two hours and respect the many lives lost by watching Sometimes in April.

Rory 10th Grade


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