Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils


The Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are considered to be the “cheap” high quality pencil option. It is true that compared to other high quality pencils they are less pricey, but all in all they are still fairly expensive. For instance a pack of 12 may cost about 20 dollars. If price does not matter, and quality is the only concern, then these pencils are definitely a good choice to go with.

The Prismacolor Premier pencils are sold in cases of up to 150. They are also sold individually. These color pencils lay onto the paper smoothly and effortlessly. They have a creamy appearance, and often after layering, a drawing made with these pencils can look like a painting. The colors are vibrant and stand out against the page.

There are some other draw backs other than just the price. These pencils are very soft, it is actually what makes them so creamy and smooth, but it also makes them fragile. There have been some people who have reported that during shipping some of their pencils broke, or the led broke inside the barrel, but in reality, when anything is being shipped there is a chance that your purchase may become damaged. For the most part as long as they are handled with care, there will not be many problems with the pencil breaking. In fact the Prismacolor Premier pencils come in a tin case to help protect these fragile pencils.

These pencils are very nice high quality pencils that are great to work with, but because of the price it is hard for many artists, especially those just starting out, to afford these. As stated above if price is not a concern, and quality is not something that is not willing to be sacrificed, then these pencils are a good choice. However if price is a concern to you, which it is for most people, then there is another good option out there, one that will be talked about in the next post.


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