The Mortal Instruments Series


If I had to pick a series that seems like one just about everyone would enjoy, this would be it. This is because it is extremely well written. The author gives you well developed characters, and a very good, well thought out story line.

This series starts out with the main character, Clary, hanging out with her best friend Simon at a club for teenagers, something very different from what they normally do, which consists of meeting at coffee shops and going to poetry readings. At this club Clary witnesses people, that she realizes only she can see, commit a seemingly horrific crime. Not too much later one of these people, a boy named Jace, finds her and tells her that he and the other people she saw are Shadowhunters, and from there he begins to explain what they are, and what they do.

Any chance of Clary had of going back to her normal life was wiped away once her mother was kidnapped. In an effort to get her mother back, Clary dives into the world of Shadowhunters and those alike, dragging her best friend Simon along with her; and as Clary searches for her mother she finds out that she is tied to the Shadowhunters much more than she had originally thought.


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