Marco Raffine Colored Pencils


These pencils are much more affordable than other artist grade colored pencils. A set of 72 can cost about 25 dollars, and as stated in a previous post about Prismacolor pencils, that is almost what it costs to by a 12 pack of Prismacolors. Although they are not as high quality as Prismacolor, they are still a good pencil considering the price.

Marco Raffines are considered to be a low grade artist pencil, but if you are patient and willing to work with these, they can produce some impressive results. They have a thin core, which makes them comfortable to hold, but also makes them fragile at times. If these pencils were to be dropped, most likely the tip would break off.

They also have the color the pencil produces on the end of the pencil. Sadly they are not always accurate, so it is best to test out what they look like on a piece of scrap paper before using them.

These colored pencils are great for artists that are just starting out, or for adult coloring books. A lot of people are looking for colored pencils they can use for their adult coloring books that are affordable, but also nice enough that they can shade and layer colors onto their picture with it still looking nice.

These colored pencils are affordable, but that is because they are not as high grade as other artist grade pencils (but they are still pretty nice). They also require a lot of patience because it takes a while for them to produce the end result. People who have problems with their wrists/ arthritis or are just plain inpatient should not use these pencils. Also people who are looking for high grade colored pencils should not use these because although they are much nicer than crayola, they are not quite Prismacolor quality either.


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