Womens Final Four 2016

NCAA-3-25Women’s Final Four

Throughout March the WNCAA was held. It all began in the sweet 16 and from that teams were eliminated by losing games, eventually we reached the final four. The Syracuse Orange, seed 4, beat Washington Huskies, seed 7, both teams had very low likelihood of making it as far as they did. While Syracuse bases their game off of second chance shots the Washington huskies play a very different game that did not match up very well against Syracuse. Washington’s Talia Walton, Katy Collier, Chantel Osahor, Kelsey Plum, and Atchley were all sent home after a disappointing loss to Syracuse 80-59. On the other side of the bracket the UConn Huskies, the number 1 overall seed, and the Oregon State Beavers, number 2 seed, will play. After the beavers beat Baylor 60-57 they were fired up, but still fell short to The UConn huskies standards and lost 80-51. This gave UConn a chance to defend their title for the fourth year in a row before Breanna Stewart, Moriah Jefferson, and Morgan Tuck move on from the huskies. On April 5th the final game will be held against the pumped up underdogs, Syracuse, and the number 1 team, UConn. Even with an injured starter UConn managed to beat Syracuse and get their fourth straight title.

  • Erin, 7th grader

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