The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner is the first book in The Maze Runner pentalogy by James Dashner. The story begins with Thomas, a boy who can’t remember anything about himself except his own name, being lifted in a metal box. Thomas doesn’t know where he is going and is terrified. As he reaches the surface, he sees a group of boys waiting for him. They help him up and welcome him to a place called the Glade. As the story continues Thomas learns that the gladers, what the boys living in the Glade call themselves, only knew their names when they arrived to the Glade too, and they are provided with food and other supplies each month along with another boy. Surrounding the Glade is a giant and dangerous maze that changes every night, and contains robotic animals, called Grievers, which can sting people and kill them. Thomas soon learns that each night the doors connecting the maze to the Glade shut, so the boys are protected from Grievers.  He also learns their mission is to find their way out of the maze and find their way back to society. One day after Thomas arrives, a girl arrives in the glade unconscious with a note that says, “She’s the last one. Ever.” After this, supplies stop arriving, the sun disappears, and the doors stop closing at night, allowing all the Grievers to come into the glade for the first time. Thomas knows it is time to find a way out and get some answers. Will they be able to solve the maze before their time runs out?

This book is amazing! I really enjoyed reading it and I felt like I was there with the gladers as they tried to escape the maze. The ending is also surprising and makes you want to read the next two books and then the prequels. I would recommend this to someone who likes mystery, action, and dystopian books. Read the Maze Runner!


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