Jupiter Ascending


Jupiter Ascending

A man has been killed on planet Earth, that man happened to be the father of a soon to be baby girl who he wishes to name Jupiter. When he is murdered for no reason his wife is left alive. Jupiter is born and later in her life she becomes a maid for her mom’s friends. She is actually part of a world that is far more than the small Earth. The people in control of harvesting other planets are planning on killing Jupiter. She is wanted dead by them because she will gain the control of Earth which is primarily controlled by one of the queen’s sons, although the queen is now dead. She is saved from this fate by Caine Wise a sky walker sent to save her by one of the princes. He only later finds that she is royalty which he hates. When he finds out although he does not like it he still has feelings for her but he hides them away. What will happen to Jupiter Jones without the protection of Caine?

-Erin, 7th grader


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