Scorch Trials


Scorch Trials Movie Summary

The young group of teens, including Beno, Thomas, Theresa, Whinstone, and Rye, weren’t the only ones to escape the maze. After their treacherous escape they encounter a crew taking them to a safety fort. When they arrive at the fort they are forced to run into the building as they were followed by a swarm of zombies from the scorch. They are given test and nutrients, and even nice beds to sleep on. But the most bizarre thing about this place was that there were other kids, they weren’t the only maze or the only ones to escape. It all seemed too good to Thomas until Theresa was taken from him and she was in the forbidden wing of the building, supposedly taking more tests. To follow that he is questioned by the man in charge of the safe house. Thomas is concerned but continues on with eating with the other kids and listening to the names of the kids going to the safe haven. But in reality nothing is normal. A boy that has been there for a week shows Thomas the secret of the safe haven, no one leaves the building. Thomas and his friends are forced to leave the fort and run on their own in the scorch in search for the right arm. Although after a few misunderstandings and grievous issues there are casualties, zombie bites, and a chance at freedom or death. After their long trek who will make it out alive, if anyone?

-Erin, 7th grader


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