The Breakaway

breakaway-9781481451079_hrThe Breakaway By: Alex Morgan

The Breakaway is the life story of Alex Morgan. It explains what she did to achieve what she has today. It all starts in her backyard with her father and two sisters on a team of friends. Alex Morgan did not start because of her parents she was not forced to play the sport she just took a liking to it and stuck with it. Originally Alex just used her speed and was out of control, but her father would help her all the time. All the girls in the family were athletic and sweet. He loved them very much and would do anything to help. As Alex Morgan gets older she starts to progress and gets more serious about the game, but never let it take over her life. She would hang out with friends and family all the time, but managed to get better and work every day. Alex loved the sport so much that she would stick with it even if the road got a little bumpy. She knew the sacrifices she would have to make and still played to have fun. Of course she still had family and friends to hang out with and would never give that up. Discover how her hometown roots led her to be the person she is today in the Breakaway.

-Erin, 7th grader


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