Spolier-Free Review of The One by: Kiera Cass

DISCLAIMER: This review is only spoiler-free if you have read The Selection and The Elite!

SummaryThe One is about how Maxon finally picks the girl that he is to marry. It is down to Kriss, Celeste, Elise, and America. America finally has to come to terms with her feelings about Maxon and her feelings about Aspen. 

WritingThe writing of this book was just exquisite. This is my current favorite out of the first three books. Kiera Cass really had a way to always keep you on your toes and makes you want to turn the next page. There were so many intense scenes in this book and Cass did an amazing job at keeping the reader hooked.

Rating: 5/5

CharactersSome new characters were introduced into this book. Cass did an excellent job at bringing them into the story without just placing them in. They all came in at the right time and flowed with the story. Cass also did an excellent job at emphasizing the characters personalities whether they were cruel and nasty or loyal and trustworthy.

Rating: 5/5

OverallAs I stated previously, this is definitely my favorite book out of the three. The last few chapters of this book gave me all the feels and had me going from euphoric to despair within seconds. If Cass had not written another two books {and two novellas/e-book types of things}, I would have been satisfied with the ending of this book. I can’t wait to read the next book!

Rating: 5/5


Grade 10









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