Weary (Give Me Rest)


Down I fall unto my knees,

Oh I wish the pain to cease.

The travel weighs upon my heart,

Where do I end and when do I start?

My soul to be now put to test,

Why cannot I find a rest?

My mind grows forever worn,

To this quest I am now sworn.

Tears fall from my stinging eyes,

I cannot stand anymore of the lies.

I feel that I am all alone,

How much longer can I hold on?

Weary lies my pressing faith,

Where I cannot hear what my Lord saith.

The hollow rain pours down,

Staining all but my King’s crown.

Weary, weary I sleep.

Weary, weary, I fall in deep.

I seek now to see your face,

Raise me from my weary place.

Empty thoughts run through my head,

My body feels like stone and led.

The end comes in my sight,

I have slept the great rest,

Fought the good fight.


2 thoughts on “Weary (Give Me Rest)

  1. As an author, I often have to wonder what, and who, I write for. And I have come to a startling conclusion. I write for truth. For hate. For anger. For pain. For fear. For love. I write for the broken, the hollow, the suffering. For them to know these things. Don’t give up, don’t give in to despair. Don’t back up, don’t back down. Feel. Feel.


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