Island Life


The last thing I remember was my plane plummeting to the ground. I woke up on an island in the middle of the ocean, unsure of where I was. My first thought was to get my mom and little brother, my dad had work so he was waiting for us to arrive at our resort.I spent a while looking for them, I found a few bodies but none of which where my family.I eventually gave up, and for a while I doubted I would live past the first day. However, I gained hope once I saw a coral reef. I knew what kind of animals and ocean life lived in them so I knew there would be animals I could eat. I had watched enough survival shows to know that I needed to build shelter. So as day turned to night I finished my shelter and built a fire to keep warm. Sure, I was horrified of what would come but for now I was focused on making it through the night. When I awoke I was sopping wet. A wave must have hit me while I was sleeping and it left me cold and wet. Therefore, I made a plan to move my camp towards the middle of the Island. I soon realized that the island was shaped like an oval, I thought that was really strange, but I thought it might be useful in some way. I went on up a tree to find a coconut which I had spotted earlier when I saw something in the bushes. I thought it looked like my mom so I ran to her screaming that I was okay. When I finally reached her she looked asleep so I shook her in an attempt to wake her up. She felt cold and stiff. She wouldn’t move or wake up. It was then that I realized my mom was dead. I let out a piercing cry of despair that frightened all the birds away.

       To be continued…..




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