Drawing of Mari Ohara from Love Live! Sunshine!!

Hello! This is my first blog post, so I figured that I’d draw something. I couldn’t help but notice the lack of artwork here. I know I’m not the best artist, but I hope to encourage teens to share their artwork with the world. I feel insecure about my art sometimes, but posting it to a community helps you get positive feedback, constructive criticism, and it can also inspire others to draw. I drew Mari, a character from Love Live! Sunshine!!. Love Live! Sunshine!! is an anime about girls who make an “idol group”, which is pretty much a band of people who sing and dance for their school. The music is really good and the character designs and outfits are super pretty. I’m not really that into anime, but I really like this one. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try it out. This piece took about two hours in total, and I used a Wacom Intuos Small Tablet and an art program called FireAlpaca. All in all, it was really fun making a fan art for this show. I hope that more teens will post their artwork in any medium. Don’t be afraid, because no matter how you draw, posting your art will make you get better and better and boost your confidence. I hope you are now inspired to draw. Bye bye for now!

Hannah, 9th grade


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