The Duff


The Duff by Kody Keplinger was an extremely amusing and emotional read.  Bianca has two best friends who she knows are both way more pretty than her.  But, what she doesn’t know is that she is their duff.  As in Designated Ugly Fat Friend, a girl who is more approachable than the prettier ones in the group.  The friend that can help guys score a date with one of her friends.  All of this is pointed out to her by a guy who she hates and would never think of falling for.  But, everything she knows will change.

I really loved this book.  Not only were the romantic aspects of this book flawless, but the friendships she had were realistic.  This book did have its ups and downs but the whole book was literary gold.  By the end of the book I fell in love with all of these characters and I was kind of sad when it was over.  This book was touching, funny and amazing all at the same time.  I recommend this to anyone who loves contemporary novels and could use a good romance story. T o anyone who decides to read this book you are in for a real treat.  Just keep reading everyone!

Sara C

Grade 8


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