The Female Brain

femaleLouann Brizendine, M.D., is the author of The Female Brain. This factual, yet anecdotal book explains the brain. With a focus on the female brain, Brizendine helps to rationalize women’s sometimes irrational acts. Just as a scientist looks at physics, Brizendine breaks down brain chemistry and its effects. But since we all have a brain, Brizendine’s novel is more relatable than a novel on physics. And as she uncovers the neuroscience, Brizendine uses clinical-inspired anecdotes to further clarify the female brain. One of my favorite facts from Brizendine is the explanation of why girls cry more than boys. Women, as the historical care-takers of children, developed to cry more often to warn males when something was wrong or they were in need of help. Also, over time, women have become better communicators because they rely on fellow females to care for their children during the child-rearing process. Without communication and understanding, primitive females had a disadvantage in the wild; while males were more solo animals, as they were mostly focused on hunting or even just reproduction. The Female Brain is a must-read for “anyone who has half a brain” or a female brain…

Rory Davis, 12th Grade


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