Hail the Returners

The streets in anticipation shake,

The trumpets loudly blare.

The breath of all does the splendor take,

It raises their head hair.

From away in glory come,

Those who for our honor fought.

I seek of glory to myself find some,

I am ensnared, in wonder caught.

We tip our hats in a respectful bow,

The comers they all cheer.

A feast there is to be of now,

A generous banquet of no portions mere.

The returners, returners, returners we hail.

They stormed the ocean, braved the vale.

We hail, hail, hail the returners,

Joy flows through the crowds; there are no mourners.

Those who would give their very life,

To rid the earth of all our strife.

Deserve our outward loving hail,

For with our courage they shall not fail.


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