Half-Life: The Opposing Force – Video Game review by Arjoneel Dhar


A few hours after the resonance cascade (about 2-4 hours), special squads of soldiers are called in to quarantine the facility and eliminate the surviving aliens and research staff at Black Mesa. Your name is Colonel Adrian Shepherd and you are a HECU (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) Soldier tasked with containing the black mesa incident. As you arrive, Black Mesa Inbound, you realize that you may not come out of here alive. A few seconds later an alien drop-ship hits you and you crash land from your V-22 Osprey. Soon you realize what’s become of the facility. The aliens have overrun the facility when the resonance cascade occurred, and you hear rumors of a man named Freeman who was said to be at ground zero and caused the incident as well as being responsible for the killings of your fellow comrades. The aliens instantly overpower you and the rest of the HECU; and in a rushed attempt you are told to evacuate the facility. Sadly you don’t make it in time to the Evac zone and you are one of the many soldiers left behind. Soon you realize that the government sent a team of hostile Black Ops soldiers to contain Black Mesa in your place and then nuke it. You are now stuck in black mesa fighting a war on two fronts and in the midst trying to escape.

This expansion pack is a model for all expansion packs to come. Not only does it introduce new weapons enemies and game play mechanics, but it also introduces a new side of the Half Life story line. The expansion pack comes with plenty of content and in my opinion deserves itself to be called a standalone game. It really shows how good Valve games are and the effort the developers put into games.

Arjoneel Dhar, Grade 8




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