Creepypastas come to life


So I go to Shiloh Middle School and have been enjoying it, but in October 2016 a creepypasta came to life that I decided to share. So apparently this mexican clown on Instagram said that if he reached 100 followers he would come to Maryland schools. He reached 100 followers and said he would come to my school at 1:00 on October 5th 2016. That day everyone was scared, but me and a few other people knew it was fake. It got so bad kids actually cried at lunch and the principal calmed us down and called the police, which then called for backup, which was when I became the only one who still thought it was fake. For the rest of the day, no clown showed up so everyone apologised for doubting me, but they still cancelled after school activities. While it didn’t actually turn into a creepypasta, it was scary and I felt like sharing it.


One thought on “Creepypastas come to life

  1. I forgot to mention that they caught the person who made the clown threat. It was a 16 year old girl in Washington. She is sentenced to jail for 3 years. Surprising, right?


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