Fame! The Musical

Fame! The musical theatre live performance off broadway came to the Majestic theatre in Gettysburg for one night on September 24 for their national tour. The show was based off of the television series and movie. It’s about an elite group of students that either major in dance, theatre, or a musical instrument that have been accepted to PA, a very competitive school. Throughout the show you really get attached to the different characters because each one comes from a different place and has a different past.

The show has a lot of really strong musical numbers. There were a lot of fantastic solos and the singing and dancing was just fantastic. The set was also unimaginable. The stationary part had created levels like nothing I have ever seen, and the movable stairs was a fantastic idea. It opened up so much more possible blocking, and it was beautiful. The show was easy to follow and was very entertaining. The sound was great! It was very easy to hear the actors the entire time.

Everything was very well done. The ultimate goal of every production is for the story to be easily understand; it definitely was. One thing I would say is respect the show’s rating is it PG-13 so just be aware if that. However, it was a fantastic experience and it definitely keeps your attention throughout.


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