Imagine Dragons


If you haven’t heard at least one Imagine Dragons song, you’ve probably been living under a rock.  Some of their most popular songs on the radio include Demons, Radioactive, and It’s Time.  I really like those, but they’re *slightly* overplayed. So when I found their other songs, the songs I’ve never heard on the radio, I fell in love.

Part of Imagine Dragons’ appeal, to me, is the deep meaning behind every one of their songs.  Popular music nowadays is usually catchy, but paper-thin and superficial. (There are, of course, a few notable exceptions to prove the rule.) I love meaning in my music, and that’s what I got. I think the first slightly obscure song I turned on was I’m So Sorry, and I had it on repeat for the next two days. Imagine Dragons songs are about losing your innocence, family, self-destructive behavior, and many different kinds of love.

Imagine Dragons music is also full of interesting, unique sound that fits well with the amazing lyrics. The eerie drums in Gold instantly suck you in, Tiptoe is addicting towards the end, and the repetitive music in Polaroid really works with the song’s message. In addition, the lyrics are the best I’ve ever heard and were obviously labors of love, and even though the meaning might not be easy to understand, they still catch your attention. I found a few clever historical and interesting references in the lyrics to Selene.

Something you should know – all of this band’s songs are at least a little sad. Some of them are flat-out depressing lyrics with upbeat music, while others offer a little hope. Dream is unquestionably their most melancholy song, but even that one has a more upbeat ending.

Some songs are harder to get, too. Imagine Dragons is notorious for releasing deluxe album versions with extra songs on them. You can find every single one of their songs on YouTube, but you should probably still consider buying an album to support them.

I like Imagine Dragons because they don’t sugarcoat the world or shy away from things that are a little depressing, while still singing about the best things in life. And even in their darkest songs, there’s always a little bit of hope.


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