Two Summers(Book Review)


I read the book Two Summers by Aimee Friedman. Summer Everett lives in upstate New York with her mom, but is invited to her dad’s vacation house in France for the summer. Summer’s sixteenth birthday is during the summer so she’s excited to spend it in France. Her dad lives in France because he is a painter with some famous paintings in museums. When Summer gets to the airport about to board her plane she gets a phone call from her dad. He wants to tell her not to come. So when she answers it she stays in New York but when she doesn’t answer it she still goes to France. The book is split up so that one part shows what happens when she goes to France and the next part shows what happens when she doesn’t go to France.

When Summer gets to her dad’s house there are two people staying there, a woman, Vivienne, and her daughter, Eloise. Summer just assumes these are artist friends that her father had mentioned, but she will find out they are much more than that.

Something else she realizes is that her father is all the way in Berlin for an artist event. Summer can’t tell her mom or she will be forced back to New York for the summer. In the mean time, Summer can go to all the places she found in her travel guide that looked nice. At the top of her list though is to the museum where Fille is hung, the painting her dad made of her when she was young that’s hanging in a museum. She is so happy and proud that her painting is in a museum. Later when she’s going through her father’s sketches she finds the Fille sketch, but it doesn’t have her name on it.

When Summer stays home for the summer, she decides to take her aunt’s photography class at the college. Also staying home for the summer starts to drive her and her best friend, Ruby, apart. During her time off, Summer learns how to be more confident and learns her dad has a huge secret. This secret is what brings Summer and Ruby back together in the end.

Some things I liked about this book are how real it seemed and how you never saw what was coming next.

I would recommend this book because it’s so interesting I couldn’t put it down.


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