Racism in Criminal Justice (The Danger of the ARR)

One of the most hotly debated topics in Criminal Justice, and for Police Officers in particular, is the theory that an Officer is more likely to arrest a black citizen, and less likely to arrest a white citizen. This is what I like to call Anti-Racist Racism. What an ARR (Anti-Racist Racist) does not seem to consider are the statistics on the matter. It is true that in the year 2007, 28 percent of all people arrested American. This is where the ARR interrupts and says, “You see! Cops are racist, and more likely to arrest an African American than a white man. You see, we are right!” But that is only a small piece of a larger puzzle. We must also consider the alternative, that a higher arrest rate may in fact reflect a higher crime rate.

Why then, if it is not racism, are more blacks than whites arrested? How can you really say that such a thing is true? It makes no sense! That way of thinking is a common problem in society, an issue all of us face. To the human mind, anything that makes sense must be the way that thing is. It might make perfect sense to me that everyone would eat oranges while doing handstands in the rain. Does that mean that everyone does? No, it does not. And that I what people don’t seem to understand. They only want to see the little bit that can prove them right, instead of looking at the big picture.

I believe the higher arrest rate (and the crime rate by extent) is due to the fact that, in 2005, 68% of all black children were born to single mothers, versus only 25% of white children being born to single mothers. More often than not, the lack of a second parent has an effect on income, education, and the disciplining of children, all of which may lead to a life of crime. Children from broken families place a greater emphasis on material success. They also find it harder to deal with strain, which is another factor causing a person to turn towards crime. It is in the human nature to be nurtured and cared for, to be loved in a way that a single parent, or two parents of the same gender, never can love. Children feel the need for several aspects of love which only a mother and a father can provide for the child.

All of this may be deemed insignificant by the public in general. But many police officers have reported being afraid of arresting someone from a minority, for fear of being sued, or worse. Thus, if an officer fails to arrest a suspect out of that fear, many dangerous criminals could remain at large, posing a rather significant threat to the public. Not to mention the tension brought on separates the people from those who would give their own lives to protect them.

Not to say that all police officers are perfect. There are of course officers who are guilty of racial profiling, as it is called. It would be stupid to say that there are no bad cops. There are bad everything. That is a part of being human. But lumping every officer of the law into a pile is prejudice, and by extent, racism. That I why I call them Anti-Racist Racists. In an ‘attempt’ to prevent racism, they only serve to further estrange the common people. As harmless as they may seem to you, ARRs are a danger to society and the well-being of every citizen.


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