If I Stay


If I Stay is a young adult novel by Gayle Forman. The story is about 17 year old Mia Hall who gets into a really bad car crash with her family and she is the only one who survives. After this car crash Mia goes into a coma and then goes through an out of body experience. During the coma, Mia also experiences flashbacks of her life before the car cash. Throughout the story, the reader learns more about Mia’s life and her dream to go to Julliard as a cellist. Mia wants to fulfill those dreams and stay for her grandparents and her boyfriend, Adam, but she doesn’t know if she would be able to go on through life without her parents and little brother. At the end of the book Mia must decide if she should stay or if she should go.


To start off, I really liked this book even though it was really sad. The first few chapters describe the car crash and Mia walking around looking at her dead family. Mia is in shock as she looks at her dad, mom, and brother, Teddy. This part was really upsetting because she is looking at her dead family that she was talking to less than a few minutes ago. She also finds herself close to death, which was upsetting also. As I read this book I was rooting for her to stay and survive for her friends and the rest of her family. This book is also very suspenseful because you want to know what she will choose in the end. Even though this book is a little depressing, I would recommend it.


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