Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a game for tablets, phones, and computers in which cards are battled and collected. The game is free to play, having a free app on the Apple App Store, so I highly recommend it to anyone to try because you will not lose any money. The game uses characters and creatures from the World of Warcraft game, although you do not need to play World of Warcraft to enjoy Hearthstone. I, for one, have never played World of Warcraft, although I still enjoy this game.

The game allows you to collect many cards for different classes, such as paladin or priest. You can battle either with your device or with other players. Make the game even more enjoyable by getting some friends and playing with each other.

This game can be used as a quick fix, being on a phone, for anyone with a few minutes of free time, although it does require an internet connection if one is to battle online with others. In addition, the collection of cards allows you to progress through the game, unlike other apps in which you only play the same thing continuously without moving forward.

For anyone into strategy or card games, this is a good match, although I still would recommend for everyone to try it as it is completely free. The strategy becomes very involved as one must decide which cards to play and when, what to use them against, and who to play as. One can either play the game simply, having fun collecting the cards and battling friends casually, or get into the complexity of strategy involved. Overall, this game is a good fit for strategists, although everyone should try it.



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