Find your voice


As soon as my feet hit sand I break out running. My feet carry me to the icy cold ocean where the sand grows colder and harder. I look at at the ocean and it endless deep blue waves. It instantly calms me. I still feel tempted to let out a scream of frustration into the sweet, salty air. I have an opportunity to audition for America’s Young Talent competition. Hundreds of singers, dancers, and many other talented kids show up. Some more then others. I have an audition slot today and I have an extreme case of stage fright. Everyone says I have a voice of an angel when I sing for them. So in effort to calm myself down, I should try to find the perfect shell. Something that I know is impossible but it’s something I have done since I was little. I stroll down the harden part of the beach, with my brown hair blowing into my face. I cast my eyes to the ground but I wasn’t focused on the shell. I was visualizing my sky blue dress that hung in my closet. It had a silky top and a bottom with a flowing skirt. The bottom was made with a pale white see through material that paled the bold blue that was underneath it. The beautiful dress was made by my mom for my audition. The shock of the freezing water rushing over my feet brought me out of my daze. I shift my focus to the ground to look for shells lodged in the sand. I stop in front a sand dollar in the sand. I bent down to pick it before the tide carried it back out. I rolled it over in my hands. It was whole and perfect with a little hole big enough for a chain to fit in. It’s a sign that I should go to the audition. A sign to tell me that I should take the risk of being rejected and just try. I could sing better than someone who had been in voice lessons for years. My friend Holly even said she would kill me if I passed up the audition. She thought that I could take the rejection if they let go of my talent. It would be their loss if it came to that. I can’t not backing out now. I’ve come too far. I turn and realize that I am almost a mile from my house. I let out a laugh in the quietness of the beach. I start jogging down the beach rehearsing my audition song in my head. I burst though the back door singing quietly. I have so many things to do before we have to leave. I had to curl my hair, put on my dress, put on a little makeup and rehearse my song. A voice interrupts my mental to do list “Morning Lynn. How was your walk?” My mom asks. “Good. I’m going to get ready for my audition.” I reply. Mom nods then takes a sip out of her coffee mug. “Anymore of that pesky stage fright?” I proudly shake my head, then dash up the steps to get ready. I fling open the door to my room and walk over to my closet. I lift the hanger holding my dress up and putting it on my bed. Then I grab the box holding my curling iron and makeup. Then I make a beeline for the bathroom across the hall with my dress and supplies. I shed my clothes and put on my dress and look at my self in the mirror. I put the sand dollar on the counter and I grab my curling iron. Time seems to fade away as I did my hair and makeup. Until my older brother, Ace, pounded on the door asking if I was done yet. I had to scream at him until he left me alone. I put my hair into a low ponytail with a few loose strands that framed my face. I had on silver eye shadow, black eyeliner and a little bit of red lipstick. I took the chain from one of my many necklaces in the bathroom and threaded the sand dollar on it. I emerged from the bathroom to find my family waiting for me. They examined me in erie silence until Mom murmured “Beautiful.” “Ready to go?” my mom asked. I nodded. Mom and Dad turned to leave and Ace whispered “I had to use Mom and Dad’s bathroom, thanks to you.” I laughed and in turn he glared at me. He retreated down the stairs and I looked around. I knew with all my heart that I was ready to go. I fingered the sand dollar that was now around my neck. Finally I headed down the stairs to get to the car. I was ready to show world the who I am.


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