Book Review of “Unravel Me” (Shatter Me Book 2)


“Unravel Me” is the second book in the Shatter Me Trilogy.  It picks up from where the first book left off, at Omega Point.  Juliette is starting to make friends with the people at Omega Point outside of Kenji and Adam.  She is also becoming more familiar with her abilities.  She begins to practice controlling her extreme strength with Kenji. Throughout the first half of the book, the relationship between Adam and Juliette is like a roller coaster ride.  As they get closer Adam begins to let down his walls which makes him vulnerable to Juliette’s touch.  He is no longer using his special “ability” to protect himself from her.  Juliette is afraid of hurting Adam and eventually she ends their relationship.

While Juliette is struggling with personal issues Omega Point is preparing for rebellion against the Reestablishment.  Juliette meets with the Supreme Commander, Anderson, per his request.  Through a crazy string of events, Juliette learns that Warner’s dad is the Supreme commander and Adam is also Warner’s brother!  Juliette returns to Omega Point with Warner as a prisoner.  During his stay, he and Juliette begin to form a relationship making things only worse with Adam.  In the end Warner escapes and Juliette has another meeting with the Supreme Commander.  During this meeting much of Omega Point is captured and Juliette is shot in the chest.  The book ends with Warner saving Juliette’s life.

Overall I liked this book.  It was very different from the first one, I felt like I was reading a completely different story.  But, it was different in good way.  I enjoyed how each of the character’s personalities really began to become more defined.  I also enjoyed getting to see another side of Warner, which from the first book I did not expect.

This book was also an easy read.  It was less than 500 pages and only took a few days to read.  It was also very easy to understand.  It would be great for high school students.  This was the perfect book for me.  I’m very excited to finish the series with the next book “Ignite Me”


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