Magazine Recommendation: Design Anthology


Design Anthology is an Asian interior and design magazine that has been independently published since 2014. The magazine covers topics such as interiors, art, architecture, travel, and food. Each article is beautifully written and has equally gorgeous photographs that showcase the aesthetics of the topic. Design Anthology truly strives to cover a range of topics and highlight parts of Asian society and art that cannot be found in a traditional design magazine. The issue currently out at Barnes and Noble is Issue 10- The Taiwan Edition. Some especially eye-catching articles include a photo essay on Taiwanese tea houses, a tour of the home of interior designer Eugene Yeh, and a collection of up-and-coming young artists in Asia. However, the magazine also strives to include art and culture from a variety of places around the world. Previous issues have included diverse countries such as Greece, Africa, Australia, and Turkey. Each issue feels like it’s crafted very carefully to bring readers the best and most beautiful aesthetics that would be hard to find in a traditional interior or design magazine, and the price is incredibly good for the size and quality of the magazine. Their website can be visited to view some content from each issue and even to purchase individual magazines or get a subscription.


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