Review of Zootopia


Do you love animals? From large elephants to tiny mice- Zootopia is the movie for you. A little bunny named Judy Hopps dreams of becoming a police officer. Many didn’t believe in her because there had never been a rabbit officer before- but Judy was determined. Through hard work and maintaining a positive attitude, Judy made her dream come true and became the first rabbit officer in the ZPD. She moved to the city of Zootopia- the place where anyone can be anything. She quickly learned that it was hard to fit in with the large predator officers. There were 14 cases of missing mammals, but Judy was given parking duty. Determined to prove her worthiness of being an officer, Judy worked extra hard to ticket as many vehicles as she could. When an opportunity presented itself, Judy took it upon herself to find one of the 14 missing mammals, an otter named Emmitt Otterton. Chief Bogo gave Judy 48 hours to find Mr. Otterton or she would have to resign. After discovering that a fox named Nick was the last one to see Mr. Otterton, Judy blackmailed him into helping her find the missing mammal by recording his confession to tax evasion. Being previously warned by her parents to be cautious of foxes, Judy was unsure about working with Nick. But in Zootopia, anyone can be anything…right?

I would recommend this movie to anyone of all ages. It is one of my favorite movies, I’ve watched it three times!


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