Homefront the Revolution: Video Game Review by Arjoneel Dhar, 8th Grade



In the alternate timeline of Homefront, in the 70’s there was a tech boom in North Korea called the silicon river (parody of Silicone Valley). At the head of this tech bloom was the APEX Corporation lead by Joe Tae-Se. APEX first made high grade electronics and computers so when they came up with quality weapons and military tech America couldn’t resist. After buying many APEX weapons and suffering many casualties in Afghanistan, America was in heavy debt and the economy collapsed; having to default their debt on North Korea and the APEX Corporation in 2025. Then in 2029 the APEX Corporation teamed up with the North Korean army known as the Korean People’s Army (aka the KPA) to invade America using a backdoor program in APEX technology to disable the equipment. Thus began the revolution to defeat the Koreans (Norks) and take back America.

After being stuck in development for too long, finally the long awaited sequel to the old and almost forgotten Homefront. In my honest opinion it’s actually a pretty good game, the graphics are ok for a game in this age and it has a pretty decent story line. To me this game feels like a mix of two games, Fallout and Call of Duty. What really surprised me was that this game was open world unlike its predecessor in the original Homefront. One thing that Homefront did well was that it had an immersive weapons selection and customization interface where you could purchase upgrades. Sadly that’s where my happiness stops.

Never in my life have I seen a game get this much hatred from the community of avid gamers. Believe me, this game has lots of potential but this game is choppy and the frame rate is low for games of this age. To me this game feels like it was repetitive and heavily un-optimized. It really is a shame that a game series with such a good hype and such high expectations could fall flat on its face with a price tag of $60. I can only say this game was rushed and deserved better. With this I leave you with a quote by the rock artist Queen “Another one bites the dust”.




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