The Forgetting (Book Review)


The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron is about the city of Canaan and how it’s citizens have to put their trust in a personal book. The reason they need these books is because each citizen goes through something called, “the Forgetting”. The Forgetting happens every 12 years to everyone. All citizens forget everything they ever knew, including their families and identities. Their books stay with them at all times and hold their memories, describing everything important they will forget. Once a book gets filled up they are put into the city’s archives for safe keeping.

The city is surrounded by a wall to “protect” them from the outside world. But there is nothing to protect them on the inside.

In this city, bad things happen when citizens don’t follow the rules. The council hurts them for inappropriate reasons as ordered by the ruler Janis.

The main character, Nadia, is the only one in the city who can remember; at least she thinks she is. Nadia is a rebellious teenager with a sad past. Before the last Forgetting her real father took the books of Nadia’s mother and sister and created new ones for them with a different father. Nadia remembers all of this and she is confused about why her father, who she thought loved her, would do such a thing. She didn’t realize it was all to protect their family.

One day Nadia gets caught going over the wall by Gray, one of her old school mates. She has to agree to take him with her next time so he doesn’t tell the authorities. When they go over the wall they get to know each other a little more and Nadia starts to trust him.

After that, Nadia and Gray keep going over the wall. At first, it’s for exploring until they find a mysterious door in the side of the mountain. The password for it is on a weird bracelet that Nadia found in her old book in the archives. A book she thought her real dad had destroyed.

The adventure continues with betrayals and other crazy surprises.

I recommend this book because it’s suspenseful, interesting, and a real page turner.


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