I decided to enjoy making this post, so i drew the 38th cover of the Naruto manga.

click here for drawing

This drawing took about 5 hours to make. First I drew the outline of it, went over it with sharpie, then colored it in. I used prismacolor pencils, copic markers, kneaded erasers, and cold press paper.my goal was to recreate the cover of the manga which looked like this. I think I did a good job for what I can do. The best part about the drawing is the Japanese letters at the bottom. I believe that they turned out really good. the easiest part of it all was coloring the sky and the hardest part was definitely making all the details in the buildings. That was also the most time consuming part which took at least 3 hours. I did mess up quite a few times when using the copics, however any piece of artwork is bound to have some flaw. For example, if you look at Sasuke’s chest you can see that I accidentally made it too pink. I was also very rough with the pencils in all making everything look really rough. If i were to do this drawing again, i would take more time coloring the skin and use the copics a little more gentle. In addition, i don’t even have all the markers to draw this so I had to improvise using the copics by making layers upon layers in the purple. I really like this drawing because it looks a lot like the cover and has a lot of effort put into it.

I hope you enjoyed my first post, I will probably not make this kind of art in the future though.



Naruto Drawing

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