Linh Cinder is a cyborg in New Beijing, working for her stepmother, Adri. Cinder is a mechanic who works with Iko, a droid. The world is being taken over by the plague letumosis, and the emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth had recently caught the disease. One day Prince Kai comes to visit Cinder, and he gives her a droid that had stopped working. He jokingly said how it held vital information, but Cinder believes that it actually might not just be a joke. Above all of this The Lunar Queen is plotting to become the empress of the Eastern Commonwealth. With her job and her stepmom blaming her for her stepsister catching the plague, Cinder has to fix Kai’s mystery droid and the whole world is in danger of the Lunar Queen, Levana. No one is aware that the world’s fate relies on just this poor mechanic.

Cinder is written by Marissa Meyers, and is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles. It is a dystopian novel that takes place after “World War IV”. It is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys futuristic novels. It stops with a cliffhanger and is continued with the second book, Scarlet. This book is a very interesting and detailed book. It was fun learning about the new technologies that played a large role in the book. It is a great read and related to the famous Cinderella.


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