The Gruesome Cycle, Part 1


Here is a short part of a story I made, based on the setting, Deathworld. The premise of Deathworld is an alternate history world that diverges at around 1940, and the present time is at around 2010.  In it, both the Nazis and the Soviet Union invade North America, Europe, and Asia. Deathworld involves a lot of magic and supernatural forces. In Deathworld, the war has lasted until the present time.

The Gruesome Cycle: a Deathworld Fan fiction

“Good work, Comrade Yatsev.” Commissar Kocheknov sat down across from Yatsev. “Thank you, Commissar.” Yatsev raised his hand. “Bartender, two vodkas, please. On me, Commissar.” Yatsev and Kocheknov made a toast to Mother Russia, and took a sip. “Blech. Back home. It’s better.”  “I agree.” The Commissar took another sip. “Four kills this week. And one was a disgusting daemon. Good work, Comrade.” Just then, a man jogged up, holding a tray, which upon held some skull pins. The man was holding the uniform of a Commissars aide. “Commissar, Starshina, sirs.” “Hello Korenov.” “Your pins have arrived, sir.” Yatsev winced inside. “One for every Soviet he has killed.” Instead, he said: “Glad to see discipline is being served, Commissar.” “Thank you Yatsev.” The Commissar took the handful of skull shaped pins, and attached them to his greatcoat. “12 today, that makes it a total of 1034, plus one tank.” A young private turned in his seat. “A whole tank being cowardly, if you don’t mind me asking sir, how did that happen?”


Yatsev opened the hatch on his T-34 and climbed in. “Hello Starshina.” His gunner and driver, Krylov, and Vitaliy, saluted him. “Privates.” “Zharkov is already in position.” “Thank you.”  “So, you have all heard the mission briefing, a group of holdout Nazi bastards are gathered at the base of hill 22-4. Let’s get them.” Vitaliy and Krylov assumed their positions.  The serviceman in the front raised the order flag, and the hangar door opened. The thousands of T-34’s in the hangar rushed forward, to join the battle.


Thank you for reading this,

Yasadu De Silva


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