The Fixer(Book Review)


The Fixer, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, is the story of Tess Kendrick’s life after she leaves her grandfather’s ranch in Montana to live with her sister in Washington, D.C. Her sister, Ivy, who she hasn’t seen in years, comes one day to take him to an assisted living home in Boston. With her grandfather gone and her parents dead, Tess has no other choice but to go live with her sister. Tess never really knew what Ivy did for a living, but it must have paid well because she had her own “driver”.

Ivy enrolls Tess in one of D.C.’s most prestigious schools, Hardwicke. Tess hears that kids of mostly high-powered people in Washington go there, like the vice president’s daughter. So Tess is confused about why she was accepted.

On her first day she finds out the answer. Vivvie, the girl assigned to show Tess around, lets it slip.  Apparently Ivy is someone people in D.C. refer to as a “fixer.” She is hired by politicians and important people in the government to cover things up. According to Vivvie she’s the best in her game, feared by everyone. Also, on her first day Tess follows in her sister’s footsteps, helping the vice president’s daughter with a serious problem. Soon everyone is asking Tess for favors because news travels fast at Hardwicke.

Shortly after, Ivy gets a call telling her that a Supreme Court justice suffered a heart attack. He was brought into surgery with the president’s own doctor but dies shortly after.

Vivvie’s father is actually the doctor who operated on the judge and she shares some unsettling news with Tess. She learns a shocking truth about her dad and the Justice’s death.

Was it murder? It sure wasn’t just a one-person job. It involved a kidnapping by the last person you would have ever thought.

The author made the events in this book seem real.

I highly recommend this book. I couldn’t stop turning the pages and there was a surprise around every corner.


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