Ranking the 3d zeldas


The Legend of Zelda is one of the best game series out there. To celebrate the release of Breath of the Wild, I decided to rank the already existing 3d zelda games, of which there are only five not counting the new one. This is not a reveiw in any of them, just a quick opinion statement. Here we go.

5. Skyward Sword. Wii motion controls are the worst. In fact, the sword in this game is controlled by the motion controls. This game was only released on the Wii. The motion controls are the reason this is the only zelda game that continuously frustrated me throughout.

4. Ocarina Of Time. Look, the problem with this ranking is that somebody had to take the lower spots, and Ocarina of time was the first 3d zelda title. While I prefer the Nintendo 64 version, it is also on the gamecube and 3ds. This game has a lot of flaws and some pretty boring dungeons.

3.Wind Waker. I prefer the Gamecube version, but it is also on Wii U. This game focused on exploration and awesomeness. The soundtrack is incredible. My big complaint is the lack of good dungeon design and the stupid triforce hunt towards the end.

2. Majora’s Mask. This game has no plot. Technically it does, but the plot serves little to no importance. I prefer the Nintendo 64 version, but it is also on 3ds. The atmosphere is great and it has great dungeons and a killer soundtrack.

1. Twilight Princess. Released for the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U, I prefer the GameCube one, with the Wii one being my least favorite because of the motion controls, with the Wii U version being in the middle. This game has the best plot, best dungeons, best soundtrack, and best graphics.

That is my ranking. Just because I prefer one version doesn’t mean I’m saying you must get that version. It just means that’s my personal favorite. Remember to respect my opinion and that is all I have to say. I will probably reveiw each game seperatly in the future.


One thought on “Ranking the 3d zeldas

  1. Now that I’ve played breath of the wild a little bit, I’d probably put it in between ocarina of time and wind waker. It’s good but has too little story to it. I havent beaten it but it is so far enjoyable. I might redo the list when a few more titles are released


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