The Wanderings of Wuntvor by Craig Shaw Gardner


The Wanderings of Wuntvor is the sequel trilogy of The Exploits of Ebenezum. Wuntvor must save his master, Ebenezum, from Death by finding his way to the realm of Death- without dying. There he must do what no one has done before- beat Death in one of his games. Of course, to do that, he has to go to Heaven- and take the Realm of Death Bus Tour. But none of Wuntvor’s spells ever seem to work right- instead of rabbits he makes ferrets. On the way they also visit the home of the dragons, where their friend dragon stages a show with a runaway damsel. And the demons are using the same show for torture in the Netherhells prisons.

This is a good book because it keeps the same humorous attitude throughout the entire story. For example in Heaven it actually rains mana from the sky, and the Gods have to sweep it off their porches often. And the Netherhells are being “revitalized” by demonic salesmen, whose fine print is not unlike a small mote of dust on the backside of the form. This book is just as funny as its prequel and is an absolute must get for anyone who likes a good laugh.


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