The Russian Revolution


Hello. Recently, I have began a school project on the Russian Revolution. In this post, I’ll be showing a basic overview of the Revolution.

The Russians rebelled against the Tsarist government in the February Revolution, which was ruled by Nicholas II. Under him, Russia entered the Great War horribly unprepared. There were severe logistical issues, and infighting, which caused horrendous casualties.  This created massive inflation, as well as food shortages. On February 27 (Russian calendar, which was 13 days behind our own), the anger of the Russian people over these culminated in a strike. The Petrograd garrison joined the strike, and Nicholas II abdicated the throne to his brother. His brother refused to take it, and the Provisional Government was set up to rule Russia.
The Provisional Government was overthrown in the October Revolution. It was overthrown because of its unpopular policies, as well as a rival group, known as the Petrograd Soviet. The Petrograd Soviet had the real power, not the Provisional Government. For example, its famous Order No. 1 decreed that soldiers should listen to it and not the Provisionals. The general citizenry also agreed with the Soviet, due to the Provisional Governments unpopular policies. The most hated was the continuation of Russias involvement in the Great War, which was handled the same way as the Tsars. Finally, a group within the Soviet known as the Bolsheviks staged a revolution on October 24, and set up the new Soviet government.
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Yasadu De Silva

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