The Gruesome Cycle, Part 2. By Yasadu De Silva


Here is the second short part of a story I made, based on the setting, Deathworld. The premise of Deathworld is an alternate history world that diverges at around 1940, and the present time is at around 2010.  In it, both the Nazis and the Soviet Union invade North America, Europe, and Asia. Deathworld involves a lot of magic and supernatural forces. In Deathworld, the war has lasted until the present time. If you would like to see the first part, click here.

Waves of thousands of Red Army infantry charged down the hill. Behind them, a legion of tanks churned the mud as they rushed forward. The force meeting them was composed of occult terrors: demon-human hybrids, along with a line of conscript cannon-fodder. The demons tore into the Red Army like a meat-cleaver through butter. But for every one soldier they ripped through, 10 took their place. The front line of tanks smashed into the demons, crushing them and blowing them apart.  Yatsev’s tank was in that front line. He lifted a shell into the main gun. “Krylov, aim straight ahead. Vitaliy, full speed. Zhukov, eliminate any grenadiers.” “Understood” they chorused together. The gun boomed, and the shell tore through the demon-hybrid ahead.  As the Soviet line crushed the enemy, Yatsev began to feel like this was too easy. He was right.  Up ahead, in front of a mass of soldiers, a large hulking shape, built like a man, but with horns and claws, was summoned up. Thousands of bullets ripped through the thing, but it kept going.  Its claws sheared through 10 men at a time.  Yatsev heaved another shell into the gun. “Krylov, fire! Zharkov, aim for the monstrosity!” Yatsev opened the hatch and peered out. He could see a contingent of 5 tanks break off and go around the flank. “Krylov, another one. Bring its attention here!” The demon turned toward the direction of Yatsev’s tank, and took one step forward. Suddenly, the five tanks that peeled off slammed into the side of the demon. Yatsev could see the forms of the crew jump out. Just as they made it out, the tanks exploded.


Thank you for reading this,

Yasadu De Silva


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