Fablehaven Book Series


Fablehaven by Brandon Mull is an amazing book series filled with dragons, fairies, and many other magical creatures. The story starts off when Kendra and Seth go to their grandparent’s house. Their grandparents give them a key ring with 3 keys. The book leads them outside where they drink some of the milk that the groundkeeper Dale puts out for the butterflies. The milk opens their eyes to the magical world around them. The butterflies are actually fairies! As Kendra and Seth learn more about the magical preserve around them, they encounter many issues like when everyone who works at the preserve disappears or when an ancient demon is released. They soon realize that a major issue is coming; a cult that wants to open a prison full of the strongest demons is acting up again. The society wants to get the 5 keys to the demon prison. The keys are stored away in strong vaults at preserves like Fablehaven. Kendra and Seth go on amazing journeys in Fablehaven, like when they head to a Dragon Sanctuary and are captured by a giant or when Fablehaven is overrun and taken over. In conclusion, if you like a mix of mystery and action, then these books are for you!

Jack, 7th grade


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