The 5th Wave: Movie/book review


Book: The Fifth Wave is a post-apocalyptic book made by Rick Yancy. The fifth wave is about a teenager named Cassie Sullivan, one day at high school the lights go out. Then they see a plane crash before their own eyes. They are picked up by their parents and sent home. They watch the news and a giant alien ship is right above the Earth. That was the first wave. Then in the second wave hits and a literal wave crashes down even more of the human population. Next the third wave hits when birds spread very dangerous diseases. Finally the fourth wave hits and the aliens are among them. Cassie’s mom and dad die by these aliens and now they have her brother. Can she get her brother back before it’s to late find out in this epic novel.

Pros for book:  Has a very good post apocalyptic feel to it. Great actions scenes and characters.

cons for book: Switches characters perspective every different part of the book.

Book Rating: 8.5/10

pros for movie: The only pros for the movie is that the character who played Evan was good

Cons for movie: Bad acting, bad character choice and it strays away from book.

Movie rating- 3.5/10


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